Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Beyond the marketplace, we want to continually learn through employee engagement as well, to help you keep the pulse of your member population, and to learn how to better deliver the best and most complete benefit package.

Kane Atwood remains a leader in the benefits industry by always working to improve, both our services to you as a client, and the performance of your benefit plans.  We provide continuous monitoring of your plan performance, and always look to find ways to enhance our value proposition, and to deliver that to you.

Recommended Minimum Meeting Action Plan:

Quarterly Meetings - Kane Atwood would recommend formal quarterly meetings to review plan performance, address outstanding issues, propose improvement initiatives, provide compliance guidance, and to review future benefit plan changes.

Pre-renewal Meeting - Kane Atwood will conduct a pre-renewal meeting with you to determine your renewal needs, including benefit services that may need to be sent to market.  As necessary, Kane Atwood will go to market for alternative bids on each benefit line of coverage, and can perform complete RFP services if requested.

Renewal Meeting -Kane Atwood will conduct a renewal meeting with you to review all changes to any portion of the benefit  plans for the coming benefit year, including new enrollment, plan options, or compliance issues.

Annual Review - Kane Atwood will conduct an annual review of plan performance, with all comparative data, including specific benchmarks, survey results, and financial analysis for review with each client.

Ongoing Meetings - Kane Atwood is available to meet with our clients at any time, and there are no contractual, time or meeting caveats that will be restrict your access to us.  We are committed to serving you, and to meet when and as often as you fell is necessary.

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