Benefit Plan Communication to Members

Effective plan communication is vital to the success of your benefit plans.  Communications must be effective, accurate, and timely to ensure your message is delivered, and that your employees feel the full value of the benefits offered.

Kane Atwood will create communication materials that are customized to your objectives and philosophy.  We can create, or assist you in creating:

 An initial open enrollment bulletin, which is designed to announce any new open enrollment initiatives, benefit changes, and any other items that you feel pertinent to communicate early.

A Group Benefits Summary, detailing and promoting all benefits available to employees and new hires.

An Individual Benefits Statement, which is a customized benefit statement detailing all employer sponsored and voluntary benefits.  These statements will detail, what coverage each employee has elected, a description of each coverage, cost per pay period, cost to the plan, account balances*, projected balances*, and account availability*, and contact or important information pertaining to each benefit and vendor.  All of these are customizable to the items you would like included.  We can create individual statements that show salary & benefit breakdowns to demonstrate entire compensation to employees.
                                    *if applicable

*  Additional Group Benefit Bulletins, which help to communicate any new initiatives, concerns, or changes throughout the year as necessary.

Focus group testing of new or revised programs and communication pieces to guide design or improve communication.

We recommend having a communication strategy developed early, usually four to six months prior to open enrollment.  This helps to avoid last minute complications and administrative issues.

Kane Atwood will also assist in creating all employee communication and enrollment meetings, and managing those meetings.  We want to help you ensure that employees are confident and positive toward their benefit programs, and they understand the value in the programs as offered to them.  As you know, employee good will is a great thing!

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