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At Kane Atwood, we understand that you don’t have unlimited resources to tackle every issue that comes to your Human Resources staff. You must prioritize to keep your organization going forward in the best manner possible. Kane Atwood offers all of its services as an extension of your Human Resources staff, and to lessen the burden on you existing staff. This will allow you and your staff to function at the very highest level. Some of the services we offer:

HR Outsourcing Resources
Most HR executives experience the increased difficulty of meeting the needs of running their benefit plans, employee management, compensation plans, and vendor management, with the limited HR resources at their disposal. Let Kane Atwood help you assess your current needs, and build an efficient, cost effective integration of services to compliment and supplement your directives.

Enrollment Assistance
Kane Atwood and its’ associates can function as an extension of your HR department, and can help you to craft a comprehensive plan for enrollment for your employees, including developing detailed and informative enrollment and educational meetings, as well as programs to streamline all administrative processes. We will be available to help enroll individuals and answer questions, as well as coordinate appropriate vendors for any enrollment meetings as needed. For those organizations looking for a more streamlined enrollment approach, Kane Atwood can provide an on-line enrollment solution to fit your needs.

Customized System Solutions
The integration of your benefit vendors, your internal operations, and benefit administration can be difficult, time consuming, and very inefficient, but it doesn’t have to be. Kane Atwood offers customized system solutions that build workflow, tracking, eligibility and benefit management programs to allow you, your staff, and your programs to be at their most efficient. We can help bridge the gap between your current situation and premier benefit offerings, including easing your administrative burden through our customized system management. Based in our industry and real work experiences, the customized solutions offered by Kane Atwood are unparalleled in the industry for being truly effective and useful solutions.

Employee Communication Development, Production
It is critical to effectively communicate any benefit plan changes or new initiative to employees in a timely, and possibly repetitious, manner. Some benefit plan regulations require this communication, and Kane Atwood can assist you in developing all communication materials and ensure that you are compliant with all regulations.

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