Kane Atwood Healthcare Specific Plan Management

Kane Atwood understands that there are issues and situations that are unique to hospitals and healthcare providers, which require specific experience, and the right management approach to achieve balanced positive outcomes. We can help you:

* Continue to build and manage relationships within the provider community for hospital, PHO based, and non-affiliated physicians. We do this through by creating aligned service models and partnerships, analyzing and setting appropriate fees, creating positive marketing initiatives within your community, and lifting administrative burdens from their experience during claim adjudication.

* Increase demand for your services, analyze, track, and increase domestic utilization.

 * Analyze internal domestic utilization to determine if internal cost tracking is appropriate and cost effective.

* Create reciprocal arrangements with other health systems as necessary to control cost leakage and out of system and providers usage.

* Control the flow of services that must leave your system.

* Increase Domestic Pharmacy profitability, utilization.

* Report and track all aspects to fully understand and manage the above issues.

* Accountable Care Organization (ACO) consulting, implementation, and management

* PHO / practice integration

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